Kenneth Hughes is an editor living in NYC. What does he edit? All kinds of magical things, but mostly photographs and copy. Kenneth is an info junkie. He likes to cut things up and rearrange them. Hide your scissors. He likes his coffee pressed, just like his time.

He loves to start and finish projects with a tall, cool glass of water.

All material, except some in the Junk Drawer, and the site itself was constructed by Kenneth. His resume includes the likes of Bloomberg News, Reuters, PR Newswire, Redux Pictures, the Daily Mail's MailOnline, as well as some fashion photography, dorky tech stuff, and random groups of lovely people trying to accomplish certain matters.

He can be reached at KMHughes79(a)

Please find a link to Flickr account here or at the end of the photos in camera_obscura.

Resume is here.

Twitter is here.

LinkedIn is here.

Thank you!